Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anniversary and Montana Days!

Ahhh, it's been so long...again. Sorry! We've been having a great summer. Chad and I celebrated our sixth anniversary and then a few days later headed up to our annual trip to Flathead lake in Montana. So let's begin with June 28, that magical day of love!

Here we are having just left The cheesecake Factory. I forgot to take a picture inside, but afterwords in the car is just as good right? PS- Yes Chad was happy to be celebrating our anniversary despite his look of death!

We stayed up in Salt Lake at Little America. Here's to you!!

And because we were too stuffed to order at cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, later on room service was able to help us out. Chad got a little but not much...don't mess with me!

And although we got an entire night without a child, we still weren't completely alone. It wouldn't be an anniversary without your huge dog right? Casey ended up coming with us and sleeping in the truck. I'm sure he had a very romantic evening under the stars.
The next pictures were taken on our Montana trip.

The first few were taken at Chad's cousin's wedding, which we were able to go to on the 4th of July. Sorry there are no pictures of the happy couple!

Chad's sister's Moo-Moo (Kristina) and Diana

This is all Josh wanted for dinner....shocking!

Grammy and an intensely happy Joshy

Now we move to lake pictures

Again, he's so happy it almost hurts! If you look closely you can even see his "pirate tooth."

Row, row, row your boat....

Watching fireworks on the dock

Josh missed most of the fireworks and festivites, but before he was out....

....we were having lots of fun!

One of my favorite pictures! Chad sporting his "toe wedgie." It seems every year, Chad decides at the begining of the trip to let his oh -so -fair skin completely fry! This year the worst spot was on his feet. So for most of the trip Chad was walking around looking pretty sweet in his $5 walmart sandals and ankle socks. Chad is so studly though, he can pull anything off!

Joshy enjoying a smore

Roasting marshmellows for the afore mentioned smore!

this is how the boys felt about their life jackets. Josh couldn't figure out why his jacket kept attacking him when he sat down.

Here's darling Hannah. Chad lovingly has nicknamed her "the Hannimal!" Her mom just loves it.

Cousin Gavin and Joshy in the lawn chairs that caused so many fights!! (Apparently it's unacceptable to sit in a purple chair.)

Josh called this his lillypad! We had so much fun tubing, it's my favorite thing to do.

Here's Josh with his new best friend Aunt Amy, technically Great Aunt Amy. Josh absolutely loved her. He insisted on riding only with her in the back of the truck! He later took almost as well to her daughters. He would bo up to them and say, "I want to go up to house and eat candy with you." Who could resist such an invitation?