Monday, November 10, 2008

Part Two

So I am having computer and camera problems, and problems sitting down trying to figure them out. Therefore, I have not blogged in two months! But I decided to do another installment of quotes from Joshy.

I got Josh a Happy Meal one day, he told me he wanted to be healthy and get apple dippers instead of french fries. He then proceeded to dip his apples in caramel and then his sweet and sour sauce. "MMMM, mommy that was yummy! Here try it."
"No thanks Joshy, I don't want any."
"Mommy, you just have to try one bite of it, and if you don't like it then I won't make you eat anymore."
Dang it! Don't you hate it when parenting backfires? And ps, yes it was gross.

Grandma received a new package of pots and pans and was unloading all of them when Josh happened upon her and exclaimed, "Oh Grandma are these all for you?"
"yes Joshy"
"My goodness Grandma you're a spoiled brat!"

Driving in the car:
"Hey mom, I'm thinking about jaguars. Are you thinking about jaguars?"

One day while cleaning up I said, "Josh can you put your shoes in the shoe basket for me?"
"Ah mom, it's no fair. You always use me as your slave."

Here's a prayer given in primary:
"Please bless that I can always be nice to my puppies and not hit them and especially not kick them...when Daddy's around."

I gave Josh a few candy corns to eat. Keep in mind that the soon to be mentioned Jane, Sam and Colin (aka Colly-wog) are my sister Emily's kids.
We were in the car and I heard Josh say, "Goodbye Jane." He then swallowed a candy corn. He picked up his next one, looked at and said "goodbye Sam." Gulp. Got the next one, "and goodbye Colly-wog." Hmmmm...not quite sure what to make of that one!

"Um Daddy, do you think you could not breathe anymore while you read to me? Your breaf smells like stinky cheese." (In Chad's defense he had just eaten a handful of fishy crackers,)

While reading Josh his picture scriptures we were learning about a "mean king" Ammonihah. Josh stopped me and said, "Mommy, I think that king needs a smack in the face!" Now whenever we read about wicked people in the scriptures, he makes a fist and punches the pictures.

While eating dinner together Josh said something and I couldn't quite here what he said. so I said, "What that's buddy?" To which he replied,
"You heard me lady. I like your dinner!"

"Hey mom, have you made your hair yet today?"
"No not yet Joshy."
"Oh good, cause I think it looks like a scurvy pirate!"