Thursday, February 14, 2008

Days O' Love

If you look at the time this was posted, you'll note that I can't sleep tonight! So let me be the first to wish you all a very happy valentines day. I love you all! I've been thinking about stuff I need to do tomorrow, and that took me down a stroll down memory lane...valentine lane if you will!

So what's your best, or even better, worst valentines day? I have to laugh as I think about Chad and my, shall we say, least succesful valentines day.

Chad had made reservations for us up at The Roof. Cheesy you say? Well, I'm all for gazing off into the eternities while dining on a lovely buffet! Anyway, I got off work late and therefore we were unable to make the reservation. So where do you go on valentines night without a reservation? Well that was the dilemma.

Then Chad had a great idea. He had heard about this great new place that he wanted to try. It was called Wallabys. Yes, Wallabys. Do you all know what Wallabys is? If you don't, let's just say it wouldn't be your dream valentines meal. So we're thinking it's a really nice steak house. Chad said they did catering for really nice events.

Chad calls for directions and for some odd reason he asked what the dress was like there. This is so not a Chad thing to do, and it's not like we ever dress up for dinner anyway. Well, the reply was, "uh, I guess dressy to dressy casual." And the best part about this fabulous new place was that they could get us in right away!!
Wow, we really scored!

So we set off for our fine dining experience and as we pull up, we knew something was amiss! We enter expecting to give the hostess our name, but instead are shuffled immediatley in line to order our food. Someone had seriously misrepresented this place. After we order our hunk of barbecued meat, they hand us our paper plate and paper utensils. And it's not even Chinet, it's the really thin, flimsy kind with the fluted edges.
We just sat down and laughed. The best part was that the dress for this place was "dressy to dressy casual!" It's still something we sit and laugh about. So in that way, it was actually one of the best.

Our best one had to be our first one together before we were married. Chad took me up to see figure skating during the Olympics. It was so amazing!! (There, that was a much shorter story!)

So share your best V-day stories with me and please have a wonderful day of love!!