Monday, August 25, 2008

Pre-school Days

After much anticipation, counting down and answering the question, "when do I go to my fun new school?" Josh started pre-school today! He has been so excited, and I have to say that I have been too!

Outside his school, with his Incredible Hulk backpack. (He picked it out, and I was shocked when he passed right by the Barbie back packs-- although Hello Kitty did get a pause. Eventually the "big strong guy" won out.)

This is Josh's favorite part of the classroom. It's a bunk you can climb up to with blankets and a tent. Perfect for some snuggly reading!

Here is Josh with his teacher Mrs. Beach. Despite the look on his face, he really likes her. This is a CLASSIC Josh look though. He gives us this one whenever we are making him do something he doesn't want take another picture.

Another reason Josh loves his school is the huge stuffed animals in the lobby. Even if he didn't like his class, I think he would still love his school just because they have these animals!

He had a great time, and got to tell mommy all about it while sharing some "welcome home" cookies! (I know, I was very June Cleaver today.) But the verdict is in: Pre-school is great! And what did mommy do while Joshy was away? Grocery shopping without a 3 year old!! What a treat!