Monday, April 13, 2009

Naming days

So, I don't have a working camera, and even if I did, who knows if I would really use it and then actually post. I have fallen off the blogging wagon. I'm sorry. Anyway, I don't have any pics to share but I do have a story!

For some reason Chad and I can't think of any names for this baby. It's actually driving me a little insane. So, fairly often we have conversations about what to name him. Well one night at dinner while we were having this conversation, Josh burst out, "Hey guys! I have a great name! The greatest name in the whole wide city! We should name our little brother Tom Selleck!" Chad and I both just started laughing. Who is this kid and where in the world has he heard about Tom Selleck? But of course Josh thought he really was on to something and felt sad when we laughed at his beautiful name selection. So I reassured him, "Ok we'll name him Tom Selleck if he comes out with a big mustache ok?" That did the trick. He thought that was a great idea. Tom Selleck...what the?!