Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It's time for some more! I have been feeling so sad lately that Josh is getting so old, and I've done such a bad job of documenting him. So I'm gonna try and be good from now on. So here are some Joshables from the past little while. Enjoy!

"Mmmmm. This strawberry tastes like love!"

"Oh Grandma, it's like your house is giving me a nice warm hug!"

After explaining to Josh that everyone is special in their own way and Heavenly Father loves everyone, Josh said, (names are changed!) "Mommy, I don't think there is anything good about Billy and Jonny. Really mom. I promise. Well. I guess the only thing is that they chose to come to earth. But I still think they listen to Satan sometimes."

I heard this over the baby moniter one night. Josh was going to bed and I had let him listen to the ipod:
J: "Dad come here! You've gotta hear this!
C: "What is it?"
J: It's fantastic music!
C: What is it?
J: It's the one by Kelly know the one about being safe on the street?
C: Which one?
J: You know the one that goes,(belting) "Because of you I stay too safe on the sidewalk. Because of you I learn to stay on the side of the safe sidewalk...(if you know that one you know he's close but not quite there. I love that he thinks it's about pedestrian safety.)

Here are some other misunderstandings:

"When I see your face, hope I give you help, hope I give you help" Very glad he didn't pick up on the real lyrics...I should probably start monitoring my listening!

Overheard him playing The Wizard of Oz:
"I am the great and powerful Oz!"
in a high squeaky voice, "I am Dorothy, the small like meat!" (small and meek...but meat is pretty small sometimes. It makes sense.)

"Mom, when Zac gets his helmet can we like roll him around everywhere and maybe throw things at him?"

Picking up his friend from preschool:
J:"Hey Billy, do you know what sound a cat makes when it's born?"
B: Ummmm, no.
J: Didn't think so.
(Dwight Schrute anyone?)

About twenty times or more a day I get:
"Mom, your the bestest!" "Mom you're the best of my life!" "Mom, you're the best mommy I could have ever had!" "Mommy, I love you so much!" He is the sweetest and the craziest. And I am the luckiest!