Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quotables by Joshy

Sorry folks, it's one of those posts without pictures. But before you ditch me and click on someone's else blog, you should know that you have a treat coming. My camera is busted and I have no new photos, but I do have quotes from Joshy!

Driving in the car, out of the blue Josh says, "You know Mom, if I were any kind of suger (pronounced suga), I would be a suga in a juicebox." Ok, weirdo!

One morning i set a timer and told Josh to tell me when it went off. He ran in screaming, "Mommy your beefer is ringing! Your beefer is ringing!" I say, "No honey, it's beePER," to which he replied, "right, BEEEEEEEfer. I said that mom." Oh duh, sorry.

Here's a real classic. Josh says to my mom, "Grandma, my friends all want to call you bum lady, but I won't let them." Grandma asks, "Well, which friends Joshy? Who wants to call me bum lady?" Josh thinks for a moment and then answers, "you know, all my friends who live far far Mexico." Oh, those friends. His mexican gang! Love those guys. They need to watch their mouths though.

I could hear that Josh was singing in a room down the hall from where I was. So, I slowly snuck closer to his room, knowing if he heard me he'd stop...and I really wanted to hear this! Finally, I heard him sing over and over, "If you realize, if you realize, we're perfect for eachotha, we're perfect for eachotha. Realize what I realize....." (All you Colbie Cailat fans know that one. The kid already likes the soft jams!)

Here's a dialogue we had one day. Again, it came out of the blue.
JOsh: Mommy, will I get married one day?
Me: Yes, I think you will Joshy.
Josh: Well when I'm married I'm not gonna live with my wife.
Me: Oh you're not?"
Josh: No I'm gonna live with you forever (prounounced foreva)
Me: Well where is your wife going to live?
Long pause
Josh: She'll live in....oh....maybe the ocean. You know, like Ariel (pronounced, A-yo.)
Whew, those land/under-the sea relationships are hard to make work. I'm sure they'll find a way though. I mean if A-yo and Eric can do it...

Here are some great prayers he's offered:

Please bless that Mommy won't say no and no and no and no all the time.

Please bless Mommy that she'll understand.

Please bless Daddy that he will have fun at work, like at Disneyland.

Please bless that Gavin (his cousin) won't call me smackface.

Please bless that everyone will bring me lots of presents, and lots of treats. (Hey, you can't blame a kid for trying right?)

As you can tell, Josh makes life quite delightful. We laugh at loud daily at things he says and does. Hope some of these gave you a little chuckle as well!