Monday, November 10, 2008

Part Two

So I am having computer and camera problems, and problems sitting down trying to figure them out. Therefore, I have not blogged in two months! But I decided to do another installment of quotes from Joshy.

I got Josh a Happy Meal one day, he told me he wanted to be healthy and get apple dippers instead of french fries. He then proceeded to dip his apples in caramel and then his sweet and sour sauce. "MMMM, mommy that was yummy! Here try it."
"No thanks Joshy, I don't want any."
"Mommy, you just have to try one bite of it, and if you don't like it then I won't make you eat anymore."
Dang it! Don't you hate it when parenting backfires? And ps, yes it was gross.

Grandma received a new package of pots and pans and was unloading all of them when Josh happened upon her and exclaimed, "Oh Grandma are these all for you?"
"yes Joshy"
"My goodness Grandma you're a spoiled brat!"

Driving in the car:
"Hey mom, I'm thinking about jaguars. Are you thinking about jaguars?"

One day while cleaning up I said, "Josh can you put your shoes in the shoe basket for me?"
"Ah mom, it's no fair. You always use me as your slave."

Here's a prayer given in primary:
"Please bless that I can always be nice to my puppies and not hit them and especially not kick them...when Daddy's around."

I gave Josh a few candy corns to eat. Keep in mind that the soon to be mentioned Jane, Sam and Colin (aka Colly-wog) are my sister Emily's kids.
We were in the car and I heard Josh say, "Goodbye Jane." He then swallowed a candy corn. He picked up his next one, looked at and said "goodbye Sam." Gulp. Got the next one, "and goodbye Colly-wog." Hmmmm...not quite sure what to make of that one!

"Um Daddy, do you think you could not breathe anymore while you read to me? Your breaf smells like stinky cheese." (In Chad's defense he had just eaten a handful of fishy crackers,)

While reading Josh his picture scriptures we were learning about a "mean king" Ammonihah. Josh stopped me and said, "Mommy, I think that king needs a smack in the face!" Now whenever we read about wicked people in the scriptures, he makes a fist and punches the pictures.

While eating dinner together Josh said something and I couldn't quite here what he said. so I said, "What that's buddy?" To which he replied,
"You heard me lady. I like your dinner!"

"Hey mom, have you made your hair yet today?"
"No not yet Joshy."
"Oh good, cause I think it looks like a scurvy pirate!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quotables by Joshy

Sorry folks, it's one of those posts without pictures. But before you ditch me and click on someone's else blog, you should know that you have a treat coming. My camera is busted and I have no new photos, but I do have quotes from Joshy!

Driving in the car, out of the blue Josh says, "You know Mom, if I were any kind of suger (pronounced suga), I would be a suga in a juicebox." Ok, weirdo!

One morning i set a timer and told Josh to tell me when it went off. He ran in screaming, "Mommy your beefer is ringing! Your beefer is ringing!" I say, "No honey, it's beePER," to which he replied, "right, BEEEEEEEfer. I said that mom." Oh duh, sorry.

Here's a real classic. Josh says to my mom, "Grandma, my friends all want to call you bum lady, but I won't let them." Grandma asks, "Well, which friends Joshy? Who wants to call me bum lady?" Josh thinks for a moment and then answers, "you know, all my friends who live far far Mexico." Oh, those friends. His mexican gang! Love those guys. They need to watch their mouths though.

I could hear that Josh was singing in a room down the hall from where I was. So, I slowly snuck closer to his room, knowing if he heard me he'd stop...and I really wanted to hear this! Finally, I heard him sing over and over, "If you realize, if you realize, we're perfect for eachotha, we're perfect for eachotha. Realize what I realize....." (All you Colbie Cailat fans know that one. The kid already likes the soft jams!)

Here's a dialogue we had one day. Again, it came out of the blue.
JOsh: Mommy, will I get married one day?
Me: Yes, I think you will Joshy.
Josh: Well when I'm married I'm not gonna live with my wife.
Me: Oh you're not?"
Josh: No I'm gonna live with you forever (prounounced foreva)
Me: Well where is your wife going to live?
Long pause
Josh: She'll live in....oh....maybe the ocean. You know, like Ariel (pronounced, A-yo.)
Whew, those land/under-the sea relationships are hard to make work. I'm sure they'll find a way though. I mean if A-yo and Eric can do it...

Here are some great prayers he's offered:

Please bless that Mommy won't say no and no and no and no all the time.

Please bless Mommy that she'll understand.

Please bless Daddy that he will have fun at work, like at Disneyland.

Please bless that Gavin (his cousin) won't call me smackface.

Please bless that everyone will bring me lots of presents, and lots of treats. (Hey, you can't blame a kid for trying right?)

As you can tell, Josh makes life quite delightful. We laugh at loud daily at things he says and does. Hope some of these gave you a little chuckle as well!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pre-school Days

After much anticipation, counting down and answering the question, "when do I go to my fun new school?" Josh started pre-school today! He has been so excited, and I have to say that I have been too!

Outside his school, with his Incredible Hulk backpack. (He picked it out, and I was shocked when he passed right by the Barbie back packs-- although Hello Kitty did get a pause. Eventually the "big strong guy" won out.)

This is Josh's favorite part of the classroom. It's a bunk you can climb up to with blankets and a tent. Perfect for some snuggly reading!

Here is Josh with his teacher Mrs. Beach. Despite the look on his face, he really likes her. This is a CLASSIC Josh look though. He gives us this one whenever we are making him do something he doesn't want take another picture.

Another reason Josh loves his school is the huge stuffed animals in the lobby. Even if he didn't like his class, I think he would still love his school just because they have these animals!

He had a great time, and got to tell mommy all about it while sharing some "welcome home" cookies! (I know, I was very June Cleaver today.) But the verdict is in: Pre-school is great! And what did mommy do while Joshy was away? Grocery shopping without a 3 year old!! What a treat!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Anniversary and Montana Days!

Ahhh, it's been so long...again. Sorry! We've been having a great summer. Chad and I celebrated our sixth anniversary and then a few days later headed up to our annual trip to Flathead lake in Montana. So let's begin with June 28, that magical day of love!

Here we are having just left The cheesecake Factory. I forgot to take a picture inside, but afterwords in the car is just as good right? PS- Yes Chad was happy to be celebrating our anniversary despite his look of death!

We stayed up in Salt Lake at Little America. Here's to you!!

And because we were too stuffed to order at cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, later on room service was able to help us out. Chad got a little but not much...don't mess with me!

And although we got an entire night without a child, we still weren't completely alone. It wouldn't be an anniversary without your huge dog right? Casey ended up coming with us and sleeping in the truck. I'm sure he had a very romantic evening under the stars.
The next pictures were taken on our Montana trip.

The first few were taken at Chad's cousin's wedding, which we were able to go to on the 4th of July. Sorry there are no pictures of the happy couple!

Chad's sister's Moo-Moo (Kristina) and Diana

This is all Josh wanted for dinner....shocking!

Grammy and an intensely happy Joshy

Now we move to lake pictures

Again, he's so happy it almost hurts! If you look closely you can even see his "pirate tooth."

Row, row, row your boat....

Watching fireworks on the dock

Josh missed most of the fireworks and festivites, but before he was out....

....we were having lots of fun!

One of my favorite pictures! Chad sporting his "toe wedgie." It seems every year, Chad decides at the begining of the trip to let his oh -so -fair skin completely fry! This year the worst spot was on his feet. So for most of the trip Chad was walking around looking pretty sweet in his $5 walmart sandals and ankle socks. Chad is so studly though, he can pull anything off!

Joshy enjoying a smore

Roasting marshmellows for the afore mentioned smore!

this is how the boys felt about their life jackets. Josh couldn't figure out why his jacket kept attacking him when he sat down.

Here's darling Hannah. Chad lovingly has nicknamed her "the Hannimal!" Her mom just loves it.

Cousin Gavin and Joshy in the lawn chairs that caused so many fights!! (Apparently it's unacceptable to sit in a purple chair.)

Josh called this his lillypad! We had so much fun tubing, it's my favorite thing to do.

Here's Josh with his new best friend Aunt Amy, technically Great Aunt Amy. Josh absolutely loved her. He insisted on riding only with her in the back of the truck! He later took almost as well to her daughters. He would bo up to them and say, "I want to go up to house and eat candy with you." Who could resist such an invitation?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thirteen days in paradise

Aloha!! First of all, I cannot seem to get my computer to stop underlining my text, so this post will seem like your reading it on perfectly ruled paper! Wow, we just got back from Hawaii and had such a fabulous time! We went over with my parents to see Emily and Dan and their FOUR kids. Em just had their fourth, sweet little Charlie, in April. It just so happens they live in probably the best place in the world to visit! The only thing missing was our own dear daddy. Chad had to stay and hold down the fort, bring home the bacon...and so on. It actually turned out to be a good thing he couldn't come, because in the end if he had been with us, I would have never wanted to leave!

Em and I at the Temple, their next door neigbor
This was towards the end of the trip, and a dinner away from the kids was just as welcome as the beautiful view from our table. (Charlie was very obliging at the adult dinner, and barely made a peep!)

I love that in Hawaii a spiderman slip-n-slide can be a backyard staple all year through

Here comes Colin (or Collywog as we call him!)

Of course we found some horses for Josh. It wouldn't be a vacation, or any worth while activity without horses- or at least that how Josh sees it

My lovely Hawaiian prince

According to Josh, there is no place that isn't made better with a sommersault

Ah, Jane! The cutest little beach babe there is! What a trooper. Josh is obsessed with her and wanted to play with her every minute of the day. I think I only heard her say "JOsh, I have been playing with you all day," once. Love ya Jane!

This is Hukeilau Beach, where my parents and I stayed. It's a nice backyard huh?

Colin, Jane, Sam and Josh

Here's little Charlie. He's cute as he can be. I think once again, Dan has dominated- he is definitely a Bradshaw. Yet, I can't call them the Weasley's anymore because it looks like Charlie is breaking the mold and going with a shade of hair other than red!

Love this picture, and LOVE the thumbsucker, Sam. This boy is just the best. We had many a ggreat game of enchanted forest. Love ya Sam, fist it for me bud!

Josh, Jane and Sam, sitting outside as Dan worked tirelessly opening a coconut Josh found on a walk
So, these next few pictures are of what Josh REALLY enjoyed in Hawaii. Fortunately for Josh, and unfortunately for Chad, Emily has a great assortment of dress ups...with many beautiful dresses and wigs. These are a FEW of the get-ups Josh put on! Here he is as Tinkerbell, or Bella as he wanted to be called. (Sorry for showing the world these pics Chad!)

One of the more masculine outfits, here is Josh in a form fitting Mr. Smee costume

Also not such a bad one, although Colin does look like he's wearing something beauty pageant contesta nts wear in their opening number (Iwish you could see the whole thing.)

Now it's Colin's turn to be Tinkerbell. Josh is sporting a lovely sequined cheerleader uniform and channeling Cher with the wig. Emily told me that Jane lovingly calls that their "Margaret" wig.

I laughed so hard when I found him this way. Why is my son so crazy?!

Perhaps my favorite, Josh arrived at Emily's house the first day and within minutes he was Aerial! This wig was also a real favorite for him. He felt it went with everything, and I mean, look at it, it's lovely!

Again, one of the better ones of the group!

Josh LOVED holding baby Charlie. Without fail he would start singing "Go to sleep, go to sleep..." in a beautifully high angelic voice.

I had never been to this temple at night before, and it is so beautiful! Josh thought it was beautiful too, and then he just wanted to play in the fountains.
So, that's a little look at our trip. Sorry it was so long. Thanks Em and Dan for such a fabulous time! And thanks to Utah for not being humid, my hair surely appreciates it!