Sunday, October 25, 2009

I know, I know, I am the worst blogger ever! Here is a whopping post of the happenings in our life lately.

Here are our boys!

If you see this kid around, don't worry, it's just Josh in his Wolverine mask. It's a wardrobe staple for him!

October was birthday month for the Olsons. Both Chad and I blew out another round of candles.!

We got a visit from Bethy and little Colton
They just happened to have the same church outfit. We decided against putting them in the pants. There really is nothing more flattering than a button shirt onesie. I am fashioning one for Chad. And don't be fooled by this picture. Zac isn't that mush bigger than his older cousin Colton, Zac is just following the tradition of our boys and has a GINORMOUS head!

At Chad's big 30ieth b-day bash, we entrusted Zac's care to Grandma Louise...unfortunately she dropped a cupcake on his face. Perhaps she isn't as trustworthy as we thought

Friends and family at Chad's almost surprise party!

So sad, yet oh so cute!

Loves bath time
working that carseat
Unfortunately Zac hates tummy time, heavenknows he needs it though. I'm afraid we are going to have another helmeted child. Once he finds his fist on tummy time, we have a few minutes of munching and drooling before the screming sets in.

And then when he screams, we just plug him up!