Thursday, February 14, 2008

Days O' Love

If you look at the time this was posted, you'll note that I can't sleep tonight! So let me be the first to wish you all a very happy valentines day. I love you all! I've been thinking about stuff I need to do tomorrow, and that took me down a stroll down memory lane...valentine lane if you will!

So what's your best, or even better, worst valentines day? I have to laugh as I think about Chad and my, shall we say, least succesful valentines day.

Chad had made reservations for us up at The Roof. Cheesy you say? Well, I'm all for gazing off into the eternities while dining on a lovely buffet! Anyway, I got off work late and therefore we were unable to make the reservation. So where do you go on valentines night without a reservation? Well that was the dilemma.

Then Chad had a great idea. He had heard about this great new place that he wanted to try. It was called Wallabys. Yes, Wallabys. Do you all know what Wallabys is? If you don't, let's just say it wouldn't be your dream valentines meal. So we're thinking it's a really nice steak house. Chad said they did catering for really nice events.

Chad calls for directions and for some odd reason he asked what the dress was like there. This is so not a Chad thing to do, and it's not like we ever dress up for dinner anyway. Well, the reply was, "uh, I guess dressy to dressy casual." And the best part about this fabulous new place was that they could get us in right away!!
Wow, we really scored!

So we set off for our fine dining experience and as we pull up, we knew something was amiss! We enter expecting to give the hostess our name, but instead are shuffled immediatley in line to order our food. Someone had seriously misrepresented this place. After we order our hunk of barbecued meat, they hand us our paper plate and paper utensils. And it's not even Chinet, it's the really thin, flimsy kind with the fluted edges.
We just sat down and laughed. The best part was that the dress for this place was "dressy to dressy casual!" It's still something we sit and laugh about. So in that way, it was actually one of the best.

Our best one had to be our first one together before we were married. Chad took me up to see figure skating during the Olympics. It was so amazing!! (There, that was a much shorter story!)

So share your best V-day stories with me and please have a wonderful day of love!!


Bethany said...

A few worst Valentine's Days:

1) I had a crush on Jeff for a year and a half before we finally started dating...and things were blissful for three weeks until he broke up with me...on Valentine's Day!

2) One of the many back and forth days with Rod ended with me deciding on Valentine's Day that he wasn't what I wanted...and I believe that was the time he started saying the most horrible things about our that would be Valentine's Breakup #2...

3) The V-Day I spent with Bill we went up to his cabin in Idaho with friends, and he was so into the sledding thing with friends he didn't really spend any time with me. I even asked him if we could go down on a two-person one together, and he looked annoyed that he couldn't race with the boys that time...We didn't break up (that night), but I was seriously annoyed!

Best Valentine's Day Ever:

Last year for V-Day, there was a snow day the day before, and Justin spent it making me some amazing chocolate dipped strawberries, and then he made me a romantic dinner at home that night featuring fancy table-settings and candlelight. It was so romantic, and meant even more because he put so much thought and effort into it! What a gem!!! I should probably marry him... :)

gina bina said...

I worked at Wallaby's in High School, and yeah, not so much a dressy place. More like, no shoes, no shirt, we'll serve you anyway.
Valentine's Day 2000: Brad made me a cute frame in welding class and surprised me with it, and then made me dinner, which was soup, at his house. Then we made out. It was the best Valentine's ever!

Steph said...

it seems my v-days have been pretty memorable, that is since i met chip.

1) 2 years ago today chip proposed to me in DC -- he got delayed in Utah for a ski recruiting trip and was supposed to fly back to NYC, but told them he couldn't get a flight til the next day so he could actually fly to DC and surprise me for V-day. he spent the night in a smoke-filled gross hotel that he paid the cab driver a fortune to get him there, so he could surprise me actually on v-day morning....which he did, and then he waited for me to get done with work all day at my apt. and took me to this cute restaurant Bilbo Baggins - it was very hobbit like in old town alexandria. tasty tasty food. it wasn't the most romantic moment we have had (the actual proposal -- cuz he was nervous and to me it was just weird) but it was SOOO sweet how much effort he made to actually see me that day!!!! and yes, i am still in love with that honey!

2) last valentines day i decided to cook --- and went all out grilling steaks, twice-baked potatoes, fresh gourmet asparagus spears, the whole works, and set up a candlelight dinner for us since we were used to going out all teh time...much more intimate and fun!!!

3) this year, today -- well, since he works so much and I didn't know if i would even be able to see him tonight, i woke up early and made red belgium waffle - heart shaped of course, with strawberries and pink whipped cream, (add a glass of OJ) and then gave him his surprises to tell him what we are having...yep - i announced boy or girl!!!!! It was really fun. i wrote a letter to him "to daddy" from the baby and in it it told him what it is. Then tonight i am giving him the gift we both decided to do every year - a list of 100 reasons i love him (it changes every year) so i am really excited to give him that! It is so fun to have someone special to celebrate....any other valentines day before these ones is pretty much nothing in comparison....!!! this was a great post...glad you are back into it again!!!!

The Reichmans said...

I Loved the story about wallaby's-it sounded like such a classy place! For some reason I can't remember most of Valentine's days. I obviously need to make them more meaningful. I would have to say this was probably the best. Pete surprised me and cleaned my car, the house, and bought me a new cell phone since mine current one only works on speaker phone!

Marostica said...

Of course I remember you. Wow a little boy, he is so cute. Please keep in touch.

Christensens said...

I loved in elementary making Valentines Boxes!! One year I made one that looked like a toilet, it was so awesome... I will always remember my first Valentines with Kevin as my husband, it was last night and Carmen and I got together and made a super gourmet dinner for our husbands and another couple. We ate delicious food and told romantic stories. It was fun!

Jess Perry said...

Our best Valentine's was our first together. I made a nice dinner and we just enjoyed each other's company. I hate going out to eat on Valentine's Day because everywhere is so incredibly crowded.