Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thirteen days in paradise

Aloha!! First of all, I cannot seem to get my computer to stop underlining my text, so this post will seem like your reading it on perfectly ruled paper! Wow, we just got back from Hawaii and had such a fabulous time! We went over with my parents to see Emily and Dan and their FOUR kids. Em just had their fourth, sweet little Charlie, in April. It just so happens they live in probably the best place in the world to visit! The only thing missing was our own dear daddy. Chad had to stay and hold down the fort, bring home the bacon...and so on. It actually turned out to be a good thing he couldn't come, because in the end if he had been with us, I would have never wanted to leave!

Em and I at the Temple, their next door neigbor
This was towards the end of the trip, and a dinner away from the kids was just as welcome as the beautiful view from our table. (Charlie was very obliging at the adult dinner, and barely made a peep!)

I love that in Hawaii a spiderman slip-n-slide can be a backyard staple all year through

Here comes Colin (or Collywog as we call him!)

Of course we found some horses for Josh. It wouldn't be a vacation, or any worth while activity without horses- or at least that how Josh sees it

My lovely Hawaiian prince

According to Josh, there is no place that isn't made better with a sommersault

Ah, Jane! The cutest little beach babe there is! What a trooper. Josh is obsessed with her and wanted to play with her every minute of the day. I think I only heard her say "JOsh, I have been playing with you all day," once. Love ya Jane!

This is Hukeilau Beach, where my parents and I stayed. It's a nice backyard huh?

Colin, Jane, Sam and Josh

Here's little Charlie. He's cute as he can be. I think once again, Dan has dominated- he is definitely a Bradshaw. Yet, I can't call them the Weasley's anymore because it looks like Charlie is breaking the mold and going with a shade of hair other than red!

Love this picture, and LOVE the thumbsucker, Sam. This boy is just the best. We had many a ggreat game of enchanted forest. Love ya Sam, fist it for me bud!

Josh, Jane and Sam, sitting outside as Dan worked tirelessly opening a coconut Josh found on a walk
So, these next few pictures are of what Josh REALLY enjoyed in Hawaii. Fortunately for Josh, and unfortunately for Chad, Emily has a great assortment of dress ups...with many beautiful dresses and wigs. These are a FEW of the get-ups Josh put on! Here he is as Tinkerbell, or Bella as he wanted to be called. (Sorry for showing the world these pics Chad!)

One of the more masculine outfits, here is Josh in a form fitting Mr. Smee costume

Also not such a bad one, although Colin does look like he's wearing something beauty pageant contesta nts wear in their opening number (Iwish you could see the whole thing.)

Now it's Colin's turn to be Tinkerbell. Josh is sporting a lovely sequined cheerleader uniform and channeling Cher with the wig. Emily told me that Jane lovingly calls that their "Margaret" wig.

I laughed so hard when I found him this way. Why is my son so crazy?!

Perhaps my favorite, Josh arrived at Emily's house the first day and within minutes he was Aerial! This wig was also a real favorite for him. He felt it went with everything, and I mean, look at it, it's lovely!

Again, one of the better ones of the group!

Josh LOVED holding baby Charlie. Without fail he would start singing "Go to sleep, go to sleep..." in a beautifully high angelic voice.

I had never been to this temple at night before, and it is so beautiful! Josh thought it was beautiful too, and then he just wanted to play in the fountains.
So, that's a little look at our trip. Sorry it was so long. Thanks Em and Dan for such a fabulous time! And thanks to Utah for not being humid, my hair surely appreciates it!


Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

Wow margaret! Looks like you had a great time out there. I love the many many pictures! You have a darling family.

Sarah said...

I think that McKay and Josh could be good friends. McKay would have been right there with the dress-ups. Today he tried to convince me to buy him a strawberry shortcake figurine. I didn't, but he sure wanted it.

I love the picture of Josh being mr. smee. So funny.

The Romneys said...

Those pictures are so cute! Josh seems like such a cute kid! I need to meet him one of these days!

Allie said...

Thanks for sharing all of the pictures! It looks like a fabulous trip. I am out of the loop, as usual, and did not even know that Emily was expecting her fourth and lo and behold he is already here! You guys have cute kids!

Linfords said...

I am so jealous. It looks like you had so much fun. I love the dress up pictures...Josh is a hoot. So I think that Jane looks a lot like a Durham, but the rest of Emily's kids are definately Dan mold. I feel like we haven't seen each other in ages! I am in Arizona, but when I get back can we hang out?

Christensens said...

Gretta! I am so excited you are back, it looks like you had a wonderful time! Lets get together for some more good times!

The Reichmans said...

I love those pictures of Joshy dressing up-I can only imagine what chad said when he saw them. I was laughing really hard when I looked at them. Life is never boring with him around. It is really too bad that we weren't on the same island. We need to hang out soon.

Bethany said...

Now I'm officially devastated that I wasn't there with you! All the kids are so cute, it kills me that I don't get to see them very much. Joshy is very possibly one of the funniest kids around. So when are you coming to DC to visit me?

Kristie said...

You look like you had so much fun. Jon & I are officially jealous! I love your blog, when we get home you'll have to teach me how to make one so cute. Our blog is

We love you guys!

Kristie & Jon Gardiner

Chelsey said...

FUN! I love Hawaii! Dave is also freaking out about the Lakers. I almost wish they would have lost last game so it could just be over with! He is also studying for the bar so I think it puts extra stress on him that the Lakers are in the finals! And yes I grew those tomatoes. It's SO easy to grow anything here because the weather is always good!

Jodie said...

Mags I am so jealous of your trip to Paradise. Hopefully one of these days I will get to go back there. You guys look like you are doing great... so happy for you! I can hardly believe how big Josh is getting, time sure does fly. I miss your face so hopefully we will get to see each other when we get back from Texas at the end of August. Talk to you soon!

Mary and Ryan said...

The only thing bad about Hawaii is having to leave! Im so super jelous you got to spend 13 days there! I love all the pictures. I miss you Margo!!

Brooke said...

You lucky girl! Hawaii really is paradise. Your little boy is so cute, email me and I'll send you an invite to my blog

Anna said...

Good to catch up on your life. I'm glad you found us. We love blogs because even though we live on the other side of the world we can keep up on everyones life. Your little one sure is a cutie!!

Emily and Danny said...

Looks like you had a great trip! How are you? It has been so long!!


Fuller Family said...

It looks like you had such a fun trip! How fun that you were able to stay for awhile. It is so beautiful, I just love Hawaii. Can I just say I love your little boy. He is so dang cute in those pictures!!

Kristie said...
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Chelsey said...

You are so funny! Glad you came to me for fabric advise! My fav store in Utah is at Gardeners Village, it's called "Pine needles" they have such inspiring quilts and projects everywhere that will really get your creativity going! They always have such an awesome selection of fabric. Good for you taking a quilting class! It's the best when you finish the project and can stare at your work on the wall everyday! Good luck!

Jake and Joanie Wolfgramm said...

These dress up pics of Josh...HILARIOUS! I was seriously laughing out loud when I saw them. He's a crack up!