Sunday, September 9, 2007

Good days for the Bruins!!!

This is just a quick little shout out for the good ol' Bruins of UCLA. 27- 17 baby!! I have to say that football season is a little too nerve-wracking for my taste. This game had us going crazy, Chad even had to leave the house and go for a drive during the middle of it! In the end the Bruins pulled it out and we were very relieved. Next it's on to kill the Utes (and I know all you haters and BYU cougs will not object to that!!)


Jason and Kelli said...

Marg- We are HUGE UCLA fans and even bigger Ben Olson fans! We were so happy about the outcome of the game! We will be cheering for them. I totally understand about the stress level when it comes to sports. It can get a little crazy...good luck!

Mary and Ryan said...

Actually I was totally cheering for your brother in law during the BYU game! Ryan is a Ute though, so I am going to have to try and cheer for them for that game. I will still be going for your brother in law though!

Steph said...

I didn't realize you were related to him --- but now it makes sense!!! I must say I was a little sad about the game, as we are huge BYU fans, (Chip played with many of the BYU players), but I can cheer for UCLA when we don't play them ---- I know the games get a little intense --- we had people over to watch the game and Chip had to leave and go take a walk because he was so tense and up tight over the game. I love football, but sometimes the intensity is a little scary. CHip's brother was on the BYU team last year, so definitely know the stress that causes for everyone!!!!
luv you

jessperry said...

I love games like that where it is so intense. Those are the games that are interesting to watch and great only if your team wins in the end!!