Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Days

I feel like I am always apologizing for being such a bad blogger! Sorry it's been awhile, but this way you get a lot more pictures to look at right?
We'll begin with Chef Joshy. He loves to cook, and sometimes I indulge him and let him use real food. In this case he made delicious goldfish and pepper soup. He loves to play "chef" with Daddy in which Josh's name is "Pizza guy" and Chad's name is "Chef." When I am invited to play, I am "Gusteau!"

Next is the big event of the past few months, Bethy's wedding! Yep, Bethy and Justin tied the knot! She was such a beautiful bride and it was a great day. I think the highlight of the wedding dinner was when Josh, during a poignant pause in someone's speech, screamed "Oh no! I peed in my pants!!!" The whole place just errupted with laughter. It was pretty embarrasing and then funny. Josh then ended the evening by finding a trash can and lying down in it. Am I a bad mom when the first thing I do is reach for the camera instaed of pulling my son out of the random trash can?!
During the wedding it was so fun to have all my family here. The next pictures are ones with cousins. They had a lot of fun playing in the snow.

Next comes St. Patricks day. Josh made this little hat at the gym, and that's about all the celebrating we did of that day.

Next comes Easter. We had a fun little Easter egg hunt with some friends, where Josh was racing around trying to beat his friend to all the eggs. He had so much fun. Then on Easter morning the Easter bunny brought him his new best friend, "Girl Duck." That is what he named the big chick he got. He then decided she was big enough to ride, and that's just what he did. The other day when some of his little friends came and knocked on our door asking if Josh could ride bikes and scooters, Josh got really sad and said, "Oh I don't have a bike! But that's ok because I have Girl Duck." So he took Girl Duck outside and rode around on her.

Last but not least is Josh's new obsession with dressing up and playing pretend. I decided to post the more masculine version. Much to Chad's dismay he loves to find my clothes and shoes and play "princess." My favorite game he plays is with his Grandma and Grandpa called "baby." Josh is the baby named "Nala", my mom is his mommy named "Grace" and Grandpa is the Daddy named "Maggie." Unfortunately Maggie spends most of his time on time out as Nala loves to send him there. The other day Chad and I got in on the action and we were named "Uncle Felix" and "Aunt Shirley," yet the twist is that I was Uncle Felix and Chad was Aunt Shirley! We also found out that Nala had a sister named "Uncle Rusty." We told Mommy Grace that she sure shose some interesting names for her children; a son named Nala and a daughter named Uncle Rusty!
Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading...(if you did!)


Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

what great pictures! I love how Joshy hangs out in his underwear and has a matching build a bear. Thats cute. I love the wedding pictures- you look beautiful!

lanni said...

mag - you guys look great! joshy is darling and i am lovin' your bangs!

Amy said...

it really has been ages since we've talked because i had no idea bethany was getting married! hooray! she made a beautiful bride. josh is getting so big--definitely a little boy now. and you, my dear, are looking fabulous with bangs.
miss you much.

Sarah said...

I love the imagination of your little boy. He reminds me of my McKay, but even more creative with names. We play a lot of pretend around here and sometimes I take a step back and think, "how many hours out of a day am I pretending to be an animal?" Don't you love being a mom!
I love when you blog Margaret...it always makes me smile!

The Reichmans said...

I was laughing so hard at the last pretend game he loves to play. He is so funny-even though he gets frustrated with Ryan! I also appreciated the trash can picture.

Christensens said...

I am going to call you for Joshy's help when I need to create a menu for my restaurant!

megan&steve said...

I couldn't help but hope you would talk about Josh's peeing his pants at the wedding dinner. IT was the perfect moment and I hope the videoman caught that! Josh has a great imagination with playing pretend. Can I get the goldfish soup recipie?

Jess Perry said...

How fun! Bryn is just starting to enjoy cooking and she loves helping me. I haven't let her be the chef yet but she really loves helping me stir! Your little guy is so fun! And i love all the pics. It looks like you guys have been doing lots of fun things!!

gina bina said...

WOW! I'm on picture overload right now. I can't believe you have a little boy that big. Makes me feel old cause it seems like you were barely prego. Is Bethy your sister? I'm guessing so, congrats to her!

Bethany said...


There are so many delightful aspects to this post. Maybe you should buy Joshy a bike so that he doesn't have to ride around on girl duck. And I would love to see Chad's reaction when Joshy comes out as a pretty princess. Justin came out of the bedroom shaking his head and swinging his arms saying "This cannot happen!" in response to reading about the princess thing. He and Chad have so much in common. Anyway, I love it. Josh is so cute, I could just eat him up. And maybe I should send you some pics from the wedding so that you don't have to use those ones...they're not exactly flattering (of me) or in focus.

Anyway, I love it...and I think you should come visit soon!

Heather & Dave said...

Such a fun post! I love seeing what your cute family has been up to. It's funny that Josh comes up with all these intricate names when he plays...and that he names the boys a girl name and vice versa! Cute chef photos...I love that he isn't afraid to sport just the big boy undies and a tee shirt. Looks like you've had a fun spring!

Cindy Merris said...

Hi Mags, I haven't seen or talked to you in so long! I can't believe how big your little boy is. I got your blog off of Jodie's. You guys look awesome. We should all get together sometime.
Cindy Merris (bagley)

Kelli Ann said...

You look so beautiful in your wedding pictures! And i love that your little guy is quite the chef! You are such a cute mom. I love always seeing all the fun things that you do together. I know can you believe another boy!!! I hope there is some girls out there for all of these guys! I love hearing from you! Hope all is well! Kelli Schwarz