Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blast from the past

Guess what? I'm gonna blog more often!
So the other day I was cleaning out a drawer and found a card Chad got for his b-day. I thought I'd share, it made me laugh.

You know you're turning 30 if:
You ever had a mullet, "tail," or side ponytail (seriously, side pony tail was my hairstyle of choice for whenever I wanted to look "super cute.")
-you have used a Commodare 64 (couldn't get enough- frogger anyone?)
-you owned a trapper keeper (mine had sea shells on it)
-you can name all the members of New Kids on the Block (Jordan was such a dreamboat)
-you can remember when fast food burgers came in styrafoam containers (remember that one that came with parts of the burger in oppostie sides of the container and then you flipped them together to make your burger? random)
-you had a crush on Zack Morris or Kelly Kapowski from saved by the Bell (um I was once considered a saved by the bell trivia guru. Yes embarrasing, but even now when this lovely little show is on at 3 in the morning, I can sometimes still tell which episode is coming on in the first minute or so. Ah memories...remember Hot Sundae? Or was it THE hot sundaeS? I am losing my mojo. I will love that show forever. Did anyone recently notice I named my son Zac......)

Just thought I'd share, that card made me smile!
ps-weird. Chad is 30!


Holly Park said...

So glad you're recommitting yourself to the world of blogging! Love the blast from the past... such good memories!

Bethany said...

Yesterday I had some friends over and I mentioned that I had taken calculus in 1998, and one girl was like, "how could you have taken calculus in 1998?" I guess she was in 6th grade at that time. Yeah, it made me feel old. And forget frogger--Jumpman was the game of choice for the commodore 64, or maybe Miner 2049er, and don't forget jeopardy!! Good times, good times. :)

gina bina said...

TRAPPER KEEPERS!!!?!? Certainly wasn't the 1st day of school with out one!

Ligia said...

Oh Mags, how I've missed you!! I must say, my fav blast from the past was the "saved by the bell" one. Still love that show, and yes, I too still catch an episode every once in a while. And i thought you might be interested in knowing that I actually met THE Kelly Kapowski in NY last December. we're pretty much bff's. And yes, I've got pictures to document it. Jealous much?!

Hope your adorable family is well! Miss your guts!

Amy and Clark said...

Proud to be an eighties child!