Friday, February 26, 2010

This one's for Bethy

Bethy is the greatest. She's one in a million. I am lucky enough to have her as my older sister. This past week we had a big scare when she went to a chiropractor to help with a pinched nerve. While working on Bethy, she somehow damaged an artery in her neck and sent Bethy into a stroke. She couldn't feel the right side of her body and she couldn't stop throwing up. What scared her to death is that she couldn't control her throat and feared she was going to asperate. We are so lucky that Bethy is fine! I am so grateful! She hasn't suffered any long lasting side effects, which is such a blessing. She will have to be on blood thinners for months wihile her artery is healing, but she will be ok. I've been thinking about the amazing person Bethy is and wanted to let her know some of my favorite memories of her and why she is the best!

-always the first one to tell me that I'm great
-let me hang out with her and her friends in high school when I was having a rough time with my own friends. IN fact through my whole life she let me hang out with her, even though I was younger and probably annoying
-My Fair Lady- some of the greatest times!
-Grasshopper legs- those femurs never end!
-"Tall as a tree, only nicer."
-You are my sausage!
-No one could push my buttons like Bethy. I remember screaming once, with all the intesnsity I could muster up, "I HATE YOU!!!!!" (not such a loving memory, but it's funny to me now).
-The 3/4 rule. If we shared a bed, Bethy enstated the "3/4" rule. Guess which part I got?....Remember those grasshopper legs.
-Set a great example of commitment and love of the gospel when she served a mission to Slovenia.
-Got missionaries in her mission to pray for "Pegs."
-Tried to find me a husband on her mission.
-Pegs and Pooki
-Wanted to marry someone who served their mission in Eastern Europe...random. But she found him!
-Went through some pretty heartbreaking times, but handled them like a trooper and we were all so proud of her!
-We got to be pregnant together and have our boys weeks apart.
-"Do you like the way I walk? I learned when I was a baby. I've been walking for years!"
-Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry.
-The scowl she gave in pictures when she was little
-Barks when she coughs
-After every meal, "I'm going to vomit."
-Doesn't care what others think of her; she is who she is. I love that!
-My math tutor. "um Bethy, I have a Math test to today. Could you teach me everything we learned the last month in the next few hours?!" And she would. Saved me!
-Loved Gone With the Wind, Anne of Green Gables, Jane Austen Books and The Work and the Glory.
-Playing the flute. Especially Flight of the Bumble Bee and As I Have Loved You.
-Wanted a latin lover. Got Justin instead. (ha ha)
-"Let's do my make-up just in case I get married today!"
-Her junior high pics. If only I had some to post! Awesome bangs.
-Steal the flag, bishop's followers and I need a beckon.
-Miss Stacy, a tree and a fancy ballroom dancer. Did I miss any?
-Wore a formal to a band concert.
-Hated the band. Mocked the band. Made a mortal enemy out of Dave ____. But made peace with Mari Louise!
-The circle of life. (right?)
-I was hanging upside down at recess in my skirt, showing the whole world my cute undies. She came over and told me that was unacceptable. (that's a nice way of putting it.) I was mad.
-on a similar note, during the halloween parade, I decided at the last miniute I wanted to be a princess with an off the shoulder gown. When we walked into her classroom, she scoughed and came over and pulled my sleeves up. (I have her to thank for my modesty I guess.) I was so mad again. (kind of hussy?)
-Making up dances. Let's here it for the boy, Shena Easton, the Jets and Pippen.
-The Beatles
-Oldies 94.1
-Everly Brothers, Hootie and the Blowfish, U2.
-Quite Sassy.
-Leading me around with her finger..or other way around.
-Our weird skippy dance.
-Even weirder pool games. What fruit am I? Drop a ring...OOPS!
-Biking everyday to swim at BYU and then go the creamery. (that began my love affair with the creamery).
-Carrot Cake
-Indigo Girls
-Bacon, bacon and more bacon. (she's like that dog from the commercial, Beggin Strips).
-Domestic Diva. Sewing and cooking.
-Incredible mommy, fabulous aunt.
-"Eunice? There's a person named Eunice?"
-Wanted to be a female Luger.
-"You're lucky you got married when you were young and stupid."
-Loved Transformers
-Driving the loop, going on drive bys.

Bethy is the greatest sister, (besides Emmy of course. I am very lucky. My brother is quite wonderful as well. Everyone covered? Good). She's been my biggest fan and helped me in so many ways. We have many hilarious memories. So, I'll say it again: there is no one like Bethy. Even if she would take the last piece of chocolate cake.
Love you lots. So glad you're ok.
ps- when Joshy heard about Bethy, he got tears in his eyes and said, "Mommy, should we make her some soup?" We love you!

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Brooke said...

i'm so glad shes okay too! allie called us that night and gave us the updates. we've been praying a ton for her! so glad the church is true and prayers are answered!

Brooke said...

p.s. this is jessie on brookes computer because im in texas

Bethany said...

Margo, what a fantastic list of memories. And I'm pretty sure that you only screamed "I hate you!" because I had just said something particularly unkind. I'm sure I deserved it. And you forgot to mention Garmet in your list of nicknames...or did you just choose to forget that? :) Seriously, that was such a sweet post. I love you tons!

megan&steve said...

Allie also let me know about Bethanys scare. The whole family got together the next day for a bridal shower & probably informed the 3892387 rest of the durham clan.
SO glad she is okay.

Emily said...


Thanks for tossing me a bone there at the end. If I ever have a stroke, you'll know what kind of entry I expect. Just like this one. So funny to remember all those things . . . most of them I remember, too. And I could add plenty to the list . . . "hold me longer," "What are you doing, Bethy? --Just resting," "Look at my head (and then she switches legs she's standing on to show her two different lengths of legs), dances to "Let's Hear it for the Boys," her broken arm from a cartwheel, the fungus infection, Bethy as my RS President in college, W24 and all that jazz, interpretive dance to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in the ward talent show, a vocal rendition of chopticks in the same talent show (my, we thought we were funny!), and laughing the same laugh at the same time. Wait. I should post this for her. Love you both! And Michael.

Jake and Jessica Fillmore said...

margaret your recap of bachelor was hilarious! we should watch the finale together!!! this is the first season i have watched and i love it- minus the romantic suite nights where he sleeps with the girls before picking the top 2. But hey, you are right about michelle. she will kill gia if she doesnt watch her back! Vienna just doesnt seem very high class. its mean to say but she reminds me of trailer trash type girl- maybe just her electric makeup. i think he will not pick her in the end.